Sunday, July 28, 2013

Turn Off Synaptics Touchpad in Linux Mint

   This should work with most synaptics built-in touchpads on most laptops. The only laptop I tested this on is the HP Pavilion g7 2010nr.

   Here is how you can set it up so that the touchpad is turned off by default. I also include making scripts to toggle it on or off as you need to. You could make icons for this on your desktop or menu if you want.
  1. Create a file called touchpad-off. Add this to the file:
        synclient TouchpadOff=1
  2. Change the permissions of the file:
        $ sudo chown root:root touchpad-off
        $ sudo chmod 755 touchpad-off
  3. Move it to the user bin directory: $sudo mv touchpad-off /usr/local/bin
  4. Do steps 1 – 3 for a file called touchpad-on and use 0 for the TouchpadOff value. This way you can toggle it back on if needed.
Now follow these steps in KDE:
  1. System Settings – Startup and Shutdown – Autostart – All Scripts
  2. Add: /usr/local/bin/touchpad-off to the scripts to run on startup.

    Also you can just run the command of 
        synclient TouchpadOff=1
    To toggle off, then =0 for toggle on.