Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note III to have a 5.9 Inch Display?

Samsung Galaxy Note III, successor of the popular Galaxy Note II ”phablet” device was said to come out with a big 5.9″ display. Now, an executive from one of the main parts suppliers for the company has confirmed the screen huge size.

According to a report from Korea Times, the next generation Note Phablet will launch in the United States as confirmed by the local suppliers. The phone will most likely sport the new 8 core processor in all the units as the new processors become more readily available.

Samsung Galaxy Note III is also rumored to sport the latest OLED technology for the display, which is expected to offer a full HD resolution.

The successor of the Galaxy Note II is expected by the end of August, falling in line with the IFA 2013 premieres, but Samsung most probably will chose to skip the show and hold its own Unpacked (Episode 2) event in the US as it did for the Galaxy S4 – which was Episode 1.